Micha Geffen

Micha Geffen

Co-Founder, Advisory Board Member

Mr. Geffen founded BROSSH in 2001 as a specialized provider of machine vision solutions for industrial applications. This was preceded by his founding of Inspectech, a company dedicated to supplying inspection systems based on machine vision to the semiconductor industry. 

Mr. Geffen sold this company to Camtek and the resulting product line now accounts for a substantial part of Camtek’s business and profitability. Prior to this Mr. Geffen established his credentials as a leading expert (and recipient of the prestigious Rothschild Prize) in the field of image processing, computerized viewing and inspection in the semiconductor field, and managed these activities at KLA and Kulick&Soffa. 

Mr. Geffen has a proven track record as a successful entrepreneur and as a renowned expert and consultant in imaging and three-dimensional viewing for a global market.